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Configuration environment


The web configurator is the interface through which it is possible to configure the dèlego home automation control system most simple functions as well as some advanced ones. Two different profiles to access the configurator, each one secured by a password, offer different possibilities of intervention..


This profile allows the system integrator to configure all aspects of the home automation control system, from ETS project import to the integration of IR devices, as well as the manual import of KNX devices. In order to perform the first configuration, the system integrator can use a configuration wizard whose predefined steps will guide him to a quick and safe configuration. It is also possible to make modifications to a previously saved configuration at any time in a simple way, to backup the configuration on a USB flash drive, as well as delete the configuration, thus performing a machine factory reset, or restore a previously saved backup.

Wizard. This mode is designed to guide the system integrator through a series of simple steps, allowing him to quickly perform the first configuration of the system. The wizard allows to import the ETS project of the domotic plant; he configurator then shows the outcome of this operation, allowing the system integrator to correct errors or to manually associate those domotic devices which were not automatically recognized. In the following steps, the wizard allows to create custom areas based on the zones defined in ETS, to choose the name and the related image for each zone; these informations are then shown on the delégo App, in order to identify the areas. The last steps allow to integrate IR devices, IP cameras, as well as to define the values to be displayed in the monitoring section.

Expert. This mode is designed to allow the system integrator to edit a previously saved configuration, as well as to quickly access every configuration setting and parameter.


This profile allows the end user to perform settings that, for security reasons, are not included inside the delégo App menus. For example, the user can setup the time scheduling for the room thermostat, by selecting the desired operating mode for each hour of the day. Through the configurator web interface it is also possible to edit some general parameters such as, for example, the supervisor name or the IP address.
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